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Adam Greenier, Owner & C.Ped
Adam grew up in northern Maine and was always plagued with severe foot problems.  Throughout his tenure as a ski instructor and coach, he realized that many of his peers and clients were experiencing pain as well.  In 2001, Adam attended Northwestern University to study pedorthics. He completed his laboratory work at Oklahoma State University and was board certified in November 2001. His ground-breaking approach and research has resulted in the apprenticeship of  nine interns and lectures at various universities and athletic organizations. His orthotics are now being used on almost every continent, in such extreme locations as Patagonia and New Zealand.


Adam Greenier is fantastic!  I've been to numerous highly recommended bootfitters across New England in what has seemed like an endless search for a ski boot that will fit my feet and not cause pain.  I bought what they recommended, trusted their work, but always ended up with a boot that just didn't fit.  Adam has changed all that.
Adam is extremely knowledgeable.  He has years of experience on the hill skiing, is a PSIA Level III certified ski instructor (the highest level), and a race coach.  His technical knowledge of ski boots and their custom adjustments to the shape of the foot, of aftermarket liners, of footbeds and orthotics and of how all of those impact one's skiing is unmatched.   
It's clear to me that he cares about his clients.  He has gone to great lengths to make sure that my boots match my feet and my anatomy in a way that supports my skiing - while providing comfort and warmth.  This has been no small task. One pair of ski boots that another bootfitter put me in resulted in such foot pain that I needed crutches at night after skiing.  Another pair, from another bootfitter, caused me to have painful ingrown toenails which needed surgery to repair.  Granted, my feet are unique.   But aren't everyone's?  Adam solved the problems. 
I am so grateful to have found him. 

--Sue Trent

After suffering a severe ankle injury in 2003, which my surgeon said was the worst she had seen, I wasn't sure I'd be able to ski again. After 10 months of zero weight bearing and over a year on crutches I finally was able to remove my cast. My first thought, what I had longed for, can I get my ski boot on? I did, but the pain in my ankle was worse than the day I broke it. I'd say I have a higher pain tolerance than most but thought I wouldn't ski again, at least not as I had. I would need to learn an adaptive style. As a life long skier this was devastating to me. Little did I know but some guy was about to fix my world. 

Adam listened to my problems and we met the next day, the entire day. Not only did he make me an orthotic for my ski boots and footwear but he found a way to grind my boot down in the areas I had pain. Adam Greenier is one of the most gifted men I have ever met not simply for his talent in sculpting orthotics but his true drive and passion to help people. My problem was unique and Adam took the time to work with me to ensure I returned to the sport I loved most. Adam is an extraordinary individual who changed my life. I now enjoy teaching my children to ski and think every time , every time, I slap my boards on how lucky I am to have met Adam and how he made it possible.

--Rick LeBlanc