Gravity Jones Orthotics
Custom Orthotics and Foot Appliances
Economy Orthotic (accommodative, flexible)
Our lowest priced orthotic, this appliance is best suited for cost sensitive clients with no medical needs. Constructed from medium durometer EVA, its primary function is to improve shoe fit and performance through custom shape of the plantar aspect of the foot.  These devices are offered in full-length only and therefore are best suited for athletic footwear applications.
Performance Orthotic (accommodative, semi-ridged)
Our intermediate product preferred by chiropractors for its price point, this orthotic device provides accommodative support and control. This device will improve foot support and by default, gait using a semi rigid arch support. It does not, however, correct alignment, i.e. pronation / supination or address medical needs. This orthotic is best suited for athletes with decent
alignment, without medical needs, seeking a higher level of support and comfort. Although it appears identical to our prescription medical orthotic, it is vastly different and not suited for a patient that requires correction or treatment. It is constructed with a one or two millimeter polypropylene shell. It has a light durometer top cover and firm durometer heel post with no toe fill or bottom cover.

Prescription Medical Orthotic (corrective, functional)
This is our premium medical appliance. Pronation and supination are addressed as standard procedure during fabrication. The orthotic can be fabricated as a treatment device for foot and lower leg diseases and degeneration. It also serves as a recovery appliance after major injury or surgery. Under the direction of a physician, this orthotic can
be designed as a conservative treatment for other common problems, such as: Plantar Fasciitis, Achilles Tendonitis, Morton’s Neuroma, Diabetes, Bunions and Leg Length Discrepancy.  The Prescription Medical Orthotic is constructed on a patient by patient basis using the very best materials available. This motion controlling appliance is typically constructed using a semi-ridged to ridged polypropylene or copolymer shell with an EVA heel post and top cover, poron toe fill and diamond tread toe and heel bottom cover. Our diabetic specific prescription orthotic is full-length soft EVA with a plastazote top cover.
Orthotic Sandals (accommodative or corrective)
A sandal can be constructed from an accommodative cast for custom shape and comfort.  It can also be fabricated from a corrective cast as a supplement to the patient’s prescription orthotic, allowing patients alternative footwear options and increasing patient compliance. It has proved successful in warm weather and aquatic situations. We offer a variety of custom designs, or the prescription can be added to the patient’s favorite sandal.